Are you tired of being rushed and waiting around without an appointment? If so why not  book an appoinment and choose to relax at Vintage Rock with a range of services that suit your needs from a designer cut to a quick trim, enjoy a cappuccino or a beer at the same time too! If we keep you waiting more than 5 mins without an explanation your haircut is totally on us. Seeing  other men at your hair appointment will not be a shock, join the many modern men that want to experience the best in life

A full range of colour services are also tailored for gents. Ask about Colour fading for colours that all your mates WON’T know you have had done…. Our Team will show you how to recreate your style at home and make sure that you have the knowledge to see you well in to your next visit


Guys: Do you want to smooth your frizzy or curly hair?Kerasilk-smoothing and heat-straightening services are perfect for the man who wants to achieve straight hair, or to tame and smooth frizzy and unmanageable hair.